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Prime Payment Solutions is an innovative way for you to process payments of all types in order to generate more income from your business. Connecting payments software and applications to credit cards is a difficult and time consuming process which requires lot of skill. That’s why we offer our services to provide payment processing for your business. We enable your business to accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover etc. and ensure fast, reliable and secure transactions for your business. read more...


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Not long ago, I needed to accept credit cards over the internet so I decided to explore the internet for the best service available at reasonable cost. I searched for weeks but couldn’t find any one trustworthy at lower cost. Then I visited your website and found it surprisingly good that you offer so many services at such a lower cost.

– Garrett Hancock, Hancock Management

I needed equipment and services to accept credit cards at my body shop. Your sales representatives were of great help and they explained how I would be able to save money on credit card machine.My sales increased prominently after setting up new credit card machine. Your services were fast, reliable and really helpful for my business that’s why I couldn’t think of any other company when I needed another merchant account for my new business.

– Jeff Robinson, Kale's Collision

I was introduced to Prime Payments Solution by a friend of mine who also works in my office. I had heard a lot about credit card processing companies but didn’t get the chance to contact one because it was hard to trust someone easily. On my friend’s guarantee, I signed up on your merchant accounts list. We are very pleased and satisfied with the service of your company. I would surely recommend anyone who wants to setup credit card processing for their business to use Prime Payments Solution.

– Ricardo Mendes, Mendes Group LLC

I used to be very reluctant whenever it came to accepting credit cards for my business transactions. I didn’t know that MasterCard® and VISA® charge a lower fee when credit card is swiped through the credit card machine. With the help of Prime Payments Solution I was able to save money every month by setting up a wireless credit card machine in my office. Now I am able to make the most out of my business because customers swipe their cards through my credit card machine.

– Eric Schneider, Schneider Pest Control